Privacy Policy:


What we discuss in our therapy sessions is confidential. I will not ordinarily pass your details or any of your data onto a third party. I write brief anonymised notes on each session, which are stored securely on a password protected device with two factor authentication enabled. I'm registered with the Information Commissioner's Office. My registration No. is ZA379560.

If I felt that there was a risk of harm, to yourself, or others, I might need to amend confidentiality by contacting an external agency, such as your GP.  I would always do my best to let you know first, and to gain your consent where possible. I would only disclose what was pertinent to any risk factors involved. There  are also legal and moral limits to confidentiality, such as the prevention of terrorism act, child protection and drug trafficking laws.  During the Covid pandemic, for meeting in person, limited confidentiality may be broken if necessary for reasons of public interest in the area of public health. This means that I may need to share only your name and contact details with the NHS if in service of the NHS Test and Trace service.

As a member of BACP/trainee UKCP member, I have regular supervision. I won’t discuss what comes up in your therapy, except  in a  professional ,  anonymised  way  in supervisory meetings with colleagues.


Meeting in Person during Covid:

Please note I'm not currently seeing new clients in person.

Please inform me in advance if you have any of these symptoms, however mild; a persistent cough, a high temperature, or any changes in, or loss of, normal taste and smell. 


If you show symptoms of Covid, come into contact with someone who has Covid/Covid symptoms (for example, though not exclusively, in your household or workplace), or test positive for Covid, I ask that you inform me prior to any arranged in person sessions, for reasons of public interest in the area of public health.

Before any meetings in person, please consider in advance should you be putting yourself at risk of catching Covid on your journey.

If I show symptoms of Covid, come into contact with someone who has Covid/Covid symptoms, or test positive for Covid, I'd inform you of this in advance of any arranged in person meetings, and remote sessions might then be appropriate. Should I need to self-isolate, or become unable to work for a period of time, I would inform you of this in advance, and we would discuss further options.

Please note that my practice is Covid-secure; a two-metre social distance can and must be maintained at all times, indicated by floor markings. My practice room and its surrounding environment are risk-assessed, well-ventilated and regularly cleaned and disinfected. I provide hand sanitiser to keep you and others safe.

Should you be vulnerable to Covid, or shielding others who are vulnerable, please inform me in advance of arranged meetings to discuss options; for example, it might then become appropriate for me to wear a face mask, or to meet remotely. If you become vulnerable to Covid, for example, though not exclusively, by becoming ill, pregnant, or starting a course of medical treatment, please inform me of this prior to meeting where possible; it might then become appropriate for me to wear a face mask, or to meet remotely. If you begin shielding others, please inform me in advance of any arranged in person meetings to discuss further options.


Before any in person meetings, please note government guidance says that there are groups at a higher risk of developing complications from Covid; these include those over 70, older males, those with a higher BMI, those with health conditions such as diabetes, and those from BAME backgrounds.

In the event of further regional or national lockdowns, depending on the tier of restriction government guidance provides, we would also then discuss further options, which might include remote sessions, either online or on the phone.

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